Food grade Phosphoric acid 85% (Food grade PA)


Technical grade phosphoric acid may be used to produce variety of phosphates, electrolyte treatment liquids or chemical treatment liquids, refractory mortar with phosphoric acid and inorganic coherent. It is also used as a catalyst, drying agent and cleaner. In coating industry, it is used as a rust-proof coating for metals; As a acidity regulator and nutrition agent for yeast food grade phosphoric acid may be applied to flavors, canned food and light drinks as well as used in wine brewery as a nutrients source for yeast to prevent the reproduction of useless bacteria.

Additional information

High quality Food grade Phosphoric acid 85% (Food grade PA) 100% water soluble

Molecular Formula: H3PO4

Molecular weight: 98.00

CAS Number: 7664-38-2

National Standard: GB1886.15-2015

Other Name: Orthophosphoric Acid

INS: 338

Labeling: Indicate the percent, or the percent range, of Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4).


It is in Colorless, transparent and syrupy liquid or rhombic crystalline; It is odorless and tastes very sour; its melting point is 42.35℃ and when heated to 300℃ it will become into meta phosphoric acid; its relative density is 1.834 g/cm3; it is easily soluble in water and resolves in ethanol; it may irritate human skin to cause chlorosis and destroy the issue of human body; it shows corrosiveness being heated in ceramic vessels; it has got hygroscopicity.


Packed in 35 kgs, IBC net plastic drums.

During transportation or storage, the inner cover as well as the outer cover of the packing drums must be well sealed. It is classified as a hazardous product of the 2nd class of risk, and its hazardous chemicals code in China is 93002; It is easily frozen in winter season.

Loading:35 kgs -25.9 MT/20’FCL. IBC drum—25.6 MT/20’FCL


No Specifications National Standard LXJL Chem Standard
1 Colour ≤ 20 20 Min
2 Assay (as H3PO4) % ≥ 75.0-86.0 85 Min
3 Sulphats (asSO4) % ≤       / 0.008
4 Iron (Fe)% ≤  / 0.001
5 Arsenic (As)% ≤ 0.00005 0.00005 Max
6 Heavy metals, as Pb% ≤ 0.0005 0.0005 Max
7 Oxidable matter (asH3PO3) %   ≤        0.012 0.01 Max
8 Fluoride, as F% ≤         0.001 0.001 Max
9 Lead % ≤    / 0.0008


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