Food grade MonoAmmonium phosphate (Food grade MAP 99%min)


It is mainly used as a fermentation agent, nourishment, Buffer; dough conditioner; leavening agent; yeast food.

Additional information

High quality Food grade MonoAmmonium phosphate (Food grade MAP 99%min) 100% water soluble

Molecular formula: NH4H2PO4

Molecular weight: 115.0

National Standard: GB 25569-2010

CAS Number: 7722-76-1

Other Name: Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate;

INS: 340(i)


White granular crystal; relative density at 1.803g/cm3, melting point at 190℃  , easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ketene, PH value of 1% solution is 4.5.


Packing: 25 kgs bag,1000 kgs,1100 kgs, 1200 kgs jumbo bag

Loading: 25 kgs on pallet: 22 MT/20’FCL; Un-palletized: 25MT/20’FCL

Jumbo bag: 20 bags/20’FCL;


Item Standard LXJL Chem Standard
Appearance White crystals White crystals
Main contents (as NH4H2PO4 dry basis) 99.00%min 99.40%
Nitrogen (as N) 12.00%min 12.06%
Phosphorus pent oxide (as P2O5) 61.00%min 61.36%
Heavy metals (as Pb) 10ppm max 4ppm
Arsenic (as As) 3ppm max 1ppm
Lead (as Pb) 4ppm max 2ppm
Fluoride (as F) 10ppm max 3ppm
Moisture 0.1%max 0.07%
Water Insoluble 0.1%max 0.085%
PH (1% solution) 4.3-5.0 4.60
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